Find out more about the animals in the stories plus ideas on how to use the books in the classroom.

Click on the book cover for information about the animals in each story and free downloads:

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  • Endemic – An animal or plant that is unique to a defined geographic location such as an island or country. The Philippines has thousands of animals and plants that are endemic; that are found nowhere else in the world.
  • Endangered – An animal or plant is endangered when it has a small or declining population and is at risk of becoming extinct.
  • Biodiversity – The variety of life: all species of animal, plant and micro-organism, and the habitats in which they live and interact. The Philippines is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.
  • Habitat – A habitat is the place where an animal or plant lives. Different animals live in different habitats, and are adapted to live in that place. Some animals are not very fussy and can live in different habitats, others are found in only one habitat.


  • Look at the pictures in the books and think of speech or thought bubbles for the animals.
  • At the end of the stories: Danao meets other parrots; Mayumi is reunited with her family; and Pipisin makes friends with the bearcat. Can you write what they might have said to them?
  • Can you find words that rhyme in the stories? Can you think of other words that rhyme?
  • Search through the stories and find about words that you don’t understand. Can you find out what they mean?


  • How many animals can you spot on each page? How many animals are shown in one story?


  • Danao is from Mindanao, Mayumi from Panay and Pipisin from Palawan. Can you find these islands on a map of the Philippines?


  • Use the stories as inspiration to create pictures of animals.