Danao the Parrot

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Danao is a daydreamer and loves films and books about pirates.  There’s always a parrot in the pirate stories so naturally he thinks he should be living on a pirate ship.  But once at sea, he discovers he gets seasick.  He’s a long way from his house in Manila and goes on a long journey searching for somewhere suitable to live.  He meets lots of other animals along the way until finally he finds his true home.
Illustrated by Jonathan Ranola

Danao1Danao is a Mindanao lorikeet  (Trichoglossus johnstoniae), he’s endemic to the montane forests of the island of Mindanao. Of more than 600 species of birds in the Philippines, over 200 are endemic, found nowhere else in the world, many are also endangered.

There’s more information about Mindanao lorikeets on the Birdlife International website.


Where should a parrot live?
Danao’s story is a journey to find the right place to live. List the different habitats that Danao visits (city, ocean, beach, mangrove, wetland, forest). How are animals suited or adapted to live in these habitats?


What is a balangay?
Balangays are the oldest pre-hispanic watercraft in the Philippines.  Check out the Balangay Voyage website for more information.

Do you recognise the silhouettes that Danao flies past in the city?
They’re Manila Cathedral and the Rizal Monument; the memorial to Jose Rizal in Rizal Park, Manila.


  • Can you help Danao find his way through the maze and to his forest home on the mountain? Click on the image to open a pdf of the maze and print it out.

Danao's maze

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